some of our rescued babies who have found wonderful homes



Binbin was surrendered to us during the pet wellness clinic in Highland in January, 2014. Later, we found out that she had pyometra (infection of the uterus) but after a successful surgery, she found a great home!

Kazaam (aka Flex)


Kazaam was rescued from San Bernardino City Shelter by Dana, Shawn, and Christina Bee. He had a long list of problems - 50+ ticks, ear infection, abnormal bloodwork just to name a few. After weeks of care and love, he was adopted by a wonderful family in Redlands and has his best buddy, an 8-year-old boy who adores him and plays with him every day.



Lacy was found in Highland. She was microchipped, but despite many attempts to contact her owner, she was never claimed. So, she found a home with one of the Paws and Claws volunteers.



Sunny was one of our first rescue puppies. He lived in a garage after the couple had a baby, then eventually ended up on a Craigslist as a free dog. He now lives with his loving family in Riverside.



RifRaf was only 6 months old when he was surrendered by his owner for euthanasia. He was smuggled out of death camp just before he was put down. He lived with one of our volunteers for 2 years before he passed away due to  gastric dilatation (bloat). RIP Rif.



Dakota was AKC registered Brittany Spaniel. His only sin was that he was not good enough for studding any more because he was old and had an accident which made him walk funny. He was surrendered to us at 13 years old, and he lived with one of our volunteers for the rest of his life when he passed away in 2017.



Boston was found after she escaped from her yard in the rain. She was sweet, but she got out of the yard every chance she got. Eventually, she was adopted by a couple in Colton.



Tuna was found living by a shack in Highland. She is very active, plays fetch, and feisty from time to time. She was adopted by one of our volunteers and lives in Moreno Valley.



Roo was left at a home where her owner used to live. He moved away and left her in the yard no food. She still suffers from separation anxiety but has adjusted nicely to her new home. She lives with her Paws and Claws family.



Jack was found in Perris with injury to his left eye. Because of the injury, he lost an eye, but that did not stop him to find a great home in Oceanside!



Sadie was surrendered when she was 13 years old at her groomer's shop in Highland where she was about to be picked up for euthanasia. She was adopted by Paws and Claws in 2012 and spent her last few years with her Paws and Claws family. She passed away in 2015.



Pur was a little kitten when she was thrown from a fast-moving car. Fortunately, she landed in a bush when a good Samaritan found her. She can be a little shy, but she is a sweet little kitty who likes to snuggle. She now lives with one of our volunteers.



Rudy was found in East Highland. Although he was wandering on the streets, he never lost hope to find a good home. He loves to play ball and he lives with an 18-year-old boy who adores him. 



Pumpkin was rescued from Redlands Animal Shelter. She was a unique, unorthodox, and dog-like friendly cat. She was adopted by a loving family in Moreno Valley.



Patrick was found in Moreno Valley, not far from Sunnymead Ranch. He was an escape artist, got lost, and wandered into the community. Patrick was adopted by a couple in San Bernardino.



Sally was found in the community of Hidden Springs. She is a lovable and friendly girl, and she was lucky to remain with a lady who found her in Moreno Valley.