About Our Veterinarian

 Dr.  Janet K. Troxel graduated from Kansas State University with a doctorate  in veterinary medicine in 2004.  She has been practicing in the Inland  Empire providing various veterinary services at animal hospitals and  emergency clinics.  She's had a love for animals since she was a young  child, and her dream was to become a veterinarian to care for them.   While pursuing her education, she volunteered at a local animal shelter  as a veterinary assistant.  She loves all animals and loves to karaoke.


Our Mission

 Our  mission is to keep our pets healthy and happy, their owners well  informed and educated, and to provide cost-effective and quality  veterinary services through public outreach and programs.  Since 2012,  we have provided affordable and quality veterinary care for Riverside  and San Bernardino community. We are a team of veterinary professionals  who passionately care about companion animals and their owners.  This  organization was formed with the intentions of serving a community with  convenient, compassionate, and caring mobile veterinary care service.  


Board of Directors

Chikae Satoh - Executive Director

Karen Busmire - Vice Chairperson

Robert Troxel - Director of Animal Care

Cesar Haro - Secretary

William Troxel - voting member